Saint James of Compostela: Private Tour

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Groups 1-4 People
Groups 5-8 People

Visit Saint James of Compostela

We will start by meeting you at your accommodation or at the place chosen for pick up, in the cities of Porto, Braga or Guimarães.

Accompanied by your exclusive guide, depart in a comfortable private van to Santiago de Compostela. Along the way, discover Santiago’s ancient history and its relationship with the region.

When you arrive in Saint James of Compostela, enjoy free time to visit the beautiful 11th century Cathedral, dedicated to the apostle St. James, where you can participate in the famous “Pilgrim’s Mass”. On festive days, you can also witness the “Bota Fumeiro” ritual.

Be amazed by local gastronomy, having lunch in a local restaurant. Then, walk through the medieval streets of the historic center, full of local history and crafts.

After visiting Saint James of Compostela, we will start your journey back to Portugal. Stop at the first Portuguese border town, Valença do Minho, where you will discover the medieval city, within its imposing 17th century fortress. Be guided by the village streets, passing by walls, churches, between the local traditional stores and its handicrafts, and taste the traditional local delicacy, served in a glass of the exclusive Vinho Verde.


  • Taste the famous Vinho Verde

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