Tour Privado Arouca

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Aproveite o passeio privado em Arouca

Um território diversificado que oferece vistas fantásticas sobre montanhas cobertas de flores, cachoeiras, riachos, formações geológicas únicas e uma tradição local muito interessante.

Arouca, located 60 kilometers from Porto, is a very diverse territory who offers you fantastic views over mountains covered with flowers, waterfalls, creeks, unique geological formations and a very interesting local tradition.

The day starts with a possibly to hike in the Paiva Walkways. This 4 times winner of the world travel awards allows you to have an envolving nature experience surrounded by an unique landscapes, in an authentic natural sanctuary. (Be aware that this is an optional. The total length of the walkway is 8 kilometers)
In order to stimulate our senses we will visit the town of Arouca where we will have lunch – a true local gastronomic experience and a must do of the region. This mountainous region offers a wide variety of climates and farming techniques leading to very high quality products and curious cooking techniques.
Take time to visit the XVIIXVIII century Convent of Arouca and it’s fantastic museum.

Before returning to Porto you will be taken through the mountains where you’ll enjoy a fantastic landscape, the highest waterfall in Portugal and unique geological formations.

Discover Arouca, an hidden gem waiting for your visit.